Travel to Israel

Every year millions of tourists visit Israel, the land where the Judeo-Christian civilization emerged. The Land of Israel holds a special place in the heart of every Christian and Jew, being the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, but also for Muslims, as Jerusalem is the third holiest place of Islam. Some people go to Israel on their own, some choose organized tours. Genesis Boutique Travel has been offering tours to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt for decades, and like any other tourist company, we are interested in tourists choosing to buy organized tours, but it is also true that backpacking gives a tourist more freedom. However, this could also be a downside. Public transportation in Israel is not perfect, and going on your own means that the precious time you could spend sightseeing or simply relaxing will be wasted on commuting, waiting for the bus to arrive, and getting to and from the bus stop.

Why should I book a tour?

In short, to save time. Booking a tour with Genesis Boutique Travel is the easiest way to travel to Israel which may save you a lot of time. There is a misconception that organized tours are more expensive, yet this does not always have to be the case: our company has established relations with the largest hotel chains of Israel with hotels in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Eilat, and other Israeli cities, as well as with Palestinian hotels in Bethlehem, which allows us to offer our tourists the lowest rates on the market: much lower than what you may book online. We work with group, private and day tours, as well as offer cruise and transfer services on land. To find the perfect way to travel to Israel, drop us a message, an email, or call us.

What are your expectations from Israel? Do you want a seaside vacation, a series of spa sessions on the Dead Sea, a pilgrimage, or a Jewish heritage tour? Genesis Boutique Travel knows how to do it all, and offers excellent customer services to all of our tourists. Regardless of why do you want to travel to Israel, we will be delighted to be your reliable partner on the Holy Land and will make sure that you return home with memories that will last a lifetime.

Choosing a reliable travel partner is important. Travel to Israel is our specialization, and by partnering with Genesis Boutique Travel, optimate travel and touring experience is guaranteed. We suggest that you take a look at our tours and choose the one that you find most appeasing; if you want something totally custom, we will be happy to arrange a private tour just for you, your family, or your group. No matter how much of a high-end tour are you looking for, we know how to make it come true.