Tel Aviv Tours

The city of Tel Aviv attracts millions of tourists each year, so Tel Aviv tours are an important aspect of the activity of Genesis Boutique Travel. In many countries, there is a friendly rivalry between the two largest cities: Madrid and Barcelona, Rome and Milan, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Israel is no exception, and the relationship between Jerusalem — the political and spiritual capital which a large share of the religious population — and Tel Aviv, a modern, vibrant Mediterranean megapolis with hundreds of clubs and a liberal and relaxed atmosphere, is the neverending source of jokes for Israelis. Even the climate is a stark contrast: despite being an hour drive apart, the temperature in the warm and humid Tel Aviv can be 10 degrees higher than in mountainous Jerusalem.

What to see in Tel Aviv?

Despite being a relatively young city founded in 1909, Tel Aviv has a lot to offer tourists. Our Tel Aviv tours usually include a drive around the main streets, known for their Bauhaus architecture declared a UNESCO world heritage site, a visit to Rabin Square, where Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin was assassinated, a tour of Jaffa, with its Old City and port which is the oldest harbor on Earth still in use, the artistic neighborhood of Neve Tzedek and the pedestrian street Nahalat Benyamin, known for its musicians and street artists, and much more, depending on the preferences of the tourists. Our company offers both group and private Tel Aviv tours, and the itinerary is tailored to the needs of a specific client or group.

Genesis Boutique Travel has been offering tours for decades. To learn more about our Tel Aviv tours, inquire about the rates and make a booking, please contact us: our managers will reply to you within one working day.

If you want to discover the most of Tel Aviv during a short stay, we strongly recommend choosing a guided tour. With our experienced guides, you will see the most important landmarks of this iconic city without having to worry about public transport or missing something important. In addition to our most popular guided tours, such as the Tel Aviv Jaffa Port or the Tel Aviv City Tour, we offer private tours for those who prefer a more personal touch.

If you are coming to Israel, Tel Aviv is a must. But how to make sure that you do not miss any of its important sights? After all, it is a large city, and if you are short of time the risk of missing something is high. Fortunately, we have a perfect solution for that: Tel Aviv tours, with some of the best guides of Israel. Our tours are a fun and economic way to explore this major Israeli metropolis.