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Genesis Boutique Travel has the experience of many years and works together with many churches to create a bridge between Israel and Christians from all around the world. For our Christian tourists visiting the Holy Land, we offer our experienced tour guides which are the best way to explore the many sacred places which have influenced Christian history and heritage. Learn more about our custom Christian tours to Israel below.

The Holy Land is packed with sacred Christian tour spots. Serving as the birthplace of Christianity and the birthplace of Jesus, born in Bethlehem, the Holy Land has numerous ancient Christian attractions such as churches, sacred places, and history-related places. We begin our Christian tours on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, baptism in the Jordan River, pray at the walls of the original temple in Jerusalem or at the Holy Sepulcher. Following the path of Jesus will indeed make a Christian tour of Israel a trip of a lifetime. Going on our Christian Holy Land tours is one of the best choices to discover these sacred places and visit them. We will make sure to bring the Bible alive on these tours.

Visiting the Holy Land and taking full advantage of our Christian tours of Israel is the best way to ensure that your family and you get to see and learn about the most interesting Christian sites. Take a look at which Christian tours to Israel you can go on in Israel:

At Genesis Boutique Travel we believe that you should get a Christian tour to Israel that is exactly to your liking. That is why we offer tailored Christian tours to Israel for groups and for individuals. Imagine going on a tour to your selected locations in Israel either as part of our Christian group tours or as part of our private Christian tours.

Our Christian tour guides are educated in Christian history, religion and ancient architecture. They provide insights into contemporary Christian issues and politics as well as a personal multitude of knowledge. All our Christian oriented tours to Israel are accompanied by experienced Israel tour guides who provide the best way to get the most out of your Christian trip.

Contact us today to book your unforgettable Christian travel tour. We offer transportation arrangements from Ben Gurion Airport and can help you out with hotel reservations according to the Christian tours you are interested in.

With a reputation that is beyond excellent Genesis Boutique Travel has been conducting Christian tours to Israel which have memorable, fun and educational to all of our clients. Be sure to read our testimonials throughout the website or on Trip Advisor and call us to start planning and take part in our Christian tours to Israel.