Haifa Tourism

Haifa is a major city in Northern Israel located on the slope of Mount Carmel next to the Mediterranean Sea. An Israeli joke goes that "Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv plays, and Haifa works", highlighting that Jerusalem is the religious center of the country, Tel Aviv is popular for its nightlife, and Haifa is the industrial powerhouse. Haifa tourism primarily includes Mount Carmel, which is a sacred location in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions. Mount Carmel is regarded traditionally as the place where Prophet Elijah lived in a grotto, and the Catholic order of the Carmelites was founded on Mount Carmel in 1209. The world-famous Baha'i Gardens and Bahai World Centre are also located on Mount Carmel.

How to get there?

Haifa has a small airport serving flights to Eilat, to Cyprus, and sometimes to Rhodes and Paphos, a railway and a bus station. You may also get to Haifa by car, taking Highway 2 from Tel Aviv. If you are coming for tourism, we recommend going on one of our Haifa tourism itineraries accompanied by a licensed and professional guide. Haifa is very hilly, so having a transfer will be a huge upside.

Genesis Boutique Travel is a specialist and expert in custom tours: our priority is fulfilling the expectations of the client, and whether you are coming to Haifa on a short business trip or as part of your vacation in Israel, or maybe a pilgrimage, we can guarantee outstanding customer service. In order to fulfill your expectations, please contact us and tell us your estimated date of arrival, how many people are coming, if you have any suggestions for the itinerary and the hotels. We will undertake to get back to you the soonest as possible, give recommendations, and provide a quote. We will be happy to see you in Israel on one of our Haifa tourism itineraries.

Haifa might be not as popular tourist destination as Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, but it is certainly worth a visit. The easiest way to go to Haifa is to book a tour with Genesis Boutique Travel, which is an experienced tour operator specialized in custom tours tailored to fit the needs of a specific client. Regardless of what is the purpose of your visit to Haifa, we will make sure that your visit is enjoyable and memorable.

Haifa plays a special role for all three Abrahamic religions, primarily for its Mount Carmel. Even though it might be not the first Israeli city that comes to mind, we strongly recommend considering it for your next Israel adventure. The city is located a bit far from the main tourist destinations, so the easiest way to reach it is by going on one of our guided tours. All our vehicles are equipped with A/C, so the journey will not be tiresome.