Eilat Tours

Eilat, the year-round Israeli resort on the Red Sea. Loved by Israelis and foreign tourists alike, Eilat Tours are a popular destination of Genesis Boutique Travel. Eilat attractions include diving, surfing, and much more, and because Eilat is a tax free zone, the prices in Eilat are notably lower than in "mainland" Israel. Though not a large city, Eilat is certainly worth a visit, especially in winter when the Mediterranean Sea is too cold for swimming.

How to get

The relative geographical remoteness of Eilat — by Israeli standards — means that to get there takes some time. Since 2019 a new Ramon International Airport operates in the vicinity of Eilat, serving mostly domestic flights to Israel and flights to Europe. Going by bus takes five hours from Jerusalem, due to the numerous stops it makes en route. This is why we recommend booking one of our Eilat Tours, which will save you a lot of time. Eilat is included in a number of our itineraries, and it is also possible to arrange a private Eilat tour or a transfer, where we will pick you up from your hotel anywhere in Israel or from the Ben-Gurion Airport in one of our comfortable and A/C-equipped vehicles.

The railroad to Eilat is still in plans and may take a decade or more until it is complete. The journey by public bus takes a lot of time, so we strongly recommend our private Eilat Tours as the optimal solution. We will accommodate to your preferences, the time of departure, and include other sides that you would like to visit en route. In particular, we may recommend stopping at the Dead Sea, which is halfway from Jerusalem to Eilat. Please contact us to arrange all the details and to find out more about our Eilat Tours.

Going to Eilat is an opportunity to escape winter and immerse yourself in the waters of the Red Sea while your home country is covered in snow. With the opening of a new international airport, Eilat is experiencing a tourist boom and more hotels will be built in the near future. With its year-round beaches, diving infrastructure, tax-free zone, and a geographical position that allows tourists to explore three countries in a single trip, Eilat is poised to become one of the largest tourist centers in the region.

Maybe you want also to visit Petra or Egypt? Not a problem: Eilat is close to both Jordan and Egypt, and we offer tours to both these countries. Do not worry about plane rides: we will pick you up in a comfortable vehicle, and within a matter of hours you will be enjoying the new location. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the unique location of Eilat between Jordan and Egypt in the middle of the Gulf of Aqaba.