Israel Private Tours

Have you ever went on a private tour? If yes, you already know the benefits as compared to group tours and backpacking. If no, here we will explain why Israel private tours are a much better option. Israel is a quite small country, yet it is not as small as Monaco or Liechtenstein, and going from the north to the south will take several hours. While the highways are good, the bus timetable is not always convenient for a traveler, not to mention that there are no buses on Shabbat. While this issue is partially solved by group tours, they, likewise, do not provide for the freedom that private tours do. This is why we recommend our Israel private tours to tourists who value their time and want to experience the most during their vacation on the Holy Land.

Where to go

Genesis Boutique Travel has been offering private tours for more than two decades: this allowed us to accumulate a lot of experience and build a variety of tours designed to fit any time of the client. For example, our Bar Mitzvah tour is tailored for Jewish families who want to celebrate their son attaining maturity, our Catholic tours focus on the history of the Catholic Church on the Holy Land, and the Carmel winery tours are dedicated to the rich wine traditions of this region.

Israel private tours that are mentioned above are merely examples. Please contact us if you want a totally custom tours, made according to your wishes and preferences. Let us know when and for how many days are you coming to Israel, which cities would you like to visit, and if you have a specific idea, please do not hesitate to tell us. This is what we are here for, and we are looking forward to welcoming you to the Holy Land.

Visiting Israel on a private tour is an optimal solution for travelers who value their time and do not want to depend on other members of the group. Our managers will be delighted to arrange a perfect itinerary just for you, with a selection of locations and cities of your choice, on a comfortable vehicle and accompanied by a professional guide. Your perfect Holy Land vacation is waiting for you.

Private tours require a special level of preparation from the tour manager and entail a higher level of responsibility as opposed to standard group tours. As a boutique tour operator, private tours are not something we are afraid of, and with our decades of experience we can safely guarantee our clients the highest standards of customer service that our company is known for. Are you looking for a custom private tour? Contact us now for more details.