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Muslim Tours

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Building bridges between Israel and the Muslim world is part of the mission of Genesis Boutique Travel. We welcome the establishment of relations between Israel and UAE and Bahrain and will be delighted to help our friends from the Gulf states discover the holiest places of Islam.

Our specially designed Muslim itineraries developed together with the leading Islamic clerics of the Holy Land allow every Muslim to embark on a journey where they can reconnect with their faith and see the Quran coming into life.

Muslim history of the Palestine region dates back to the 7th century and includes both Arab and Ottoman heritage. We begin our Muslim itineraries in Al Quds, the third holiest city in Islam, where we participate in the Hutba at the Al Aqsa Mosque mentioned in the Quran.

Muslim Holy Land Tour (4 Days / 3 Nights)
From $ 999.99

Israel hosts some of the holiest places of Islam. Genesis Boutique Travel has been working with Muslim groups for more than two decades, and building bridges between Israel and the Muslim world is part of our company's mission. During this quick, yet eventful tour you'll discover some of the most...

  • Licensed by Israeli Ministry of Tourism
  • Professional guides
  • Unique itinerary
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Islamic Pilgrimage (5 Days / 4 Nights)
From $ 1199.99

Jerusalem, known in Arabic as Al Quds, is the third holiest city of Islam. However, it is not the only Holy Land place rich in Muslim history. Our specially designed Islamic Pilgrimage will help you discover Islamic sights of the Holy Land that tourists usually don't visit. Please note: You...

  • Licensed by Israeli Ministry of Tourism
  • Professional guides
  • Special itinerary for Muslims
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Our tailored Muslim tours for groups and individuals include the most prominent Islamic sights in Israel and Palestine and can be expanded to Jordan and Egypt. All our Muslim tours are accompanied by experienced Muslim tour guides who provide to get the most out of your Muslim trip. Contact us to book your unforgettable Muslim tour.