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Haifa is one of the most happening, beautiful and engaging cities in Israel. It is a hub for many religions and an active trade’s hub due to Haifa Port located at the North end of the city. Haifa is situated on the Carmel Mountain and is a cultural center for many ethnicities. Visitors to Haifa can enjoy a lively city with religious centers, historical sites, beautiful gardens, parks, and beaches.

Our private or group tour guides are licensed and experienced in accommodating your every need. Having someone who can show you everything about Haifa and guide you to its unique attractions is a sure advantage.

There is so much to do and visit in Haifa that a personal Haifa tour guide is definitely a great option. Our Haifa tours can be custom made to fit your needs. Tell us which locations you would like to visit and we will have our tour guides prepare a tailor-made tour of Haifa that will answer all of your demands.