Carmel Tours

Mount Carmel, located in Northern Israel within the city of Haifa, is a holy place for Jews and Christians alike. It was in a cave on Mount Carmel where the Prophet Elijah lived, and where Prophet Elisha cursed a group of young men who had been mocking him. A strategic location, Mount Carmel saw a number of battles fought in its surroundings, from the 15th century BC Battle of Megiddo between the Egyptians and the Canaanites to the eponymous 1915 battle between the British and the Ottomans. Mount Carmel has a special place in the Catholic tradition, being the birthplace of the Carmelite Order. For these and for a number of other reasons Carmel tours are very popular among tourists coming to Israel.

Discover Haifa

Haifa is a must-see for those who come on our Carmel tours. Did you know that the Land of Israel is also holy for the fourth Abrahamic religion? The stunning Baha'i Gardens and the Center of the Baha'i Faith are recognizable from a distance and are guaranteed to secure you a good number of extra Instagram likes. What about the Templer Colony? There is so much to see in Haifa that we strongly recommend that you don't limit your trip to the Carmel Mount solely to the Stella Maris Monastery and the Cave of Elijah.

Our Carmel tours are tailored to include the most prominent landmarks of the Carmel region. A pearl in our collection is our wine tour: wine is important in Jewish and Christian traditions alike, and Carmel wine is considered one of the best in Israel. If you want something totally custom, we can also do it contact us outlining your expectations from a trip, what you would like to see, and visit around Carmel. We are looking forward to seeing you on our Carmel tours!

Mount Carmel is an iconic place in the Abrahamic tradition, and few places on Earth have played such an important role in the development of Christian mysticism. Today, Mount Carmel is accessible to anyone, and all you need to do is book one of our Carmel Tours. We invite you to share this journey with us, where you could learn more about this place that inspired so many generations of Jews and Christians to find new approaches to their religion.

Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, or a Jew, a trip to one of the most prominent Biblical locations will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime, and even if you do not consider yourself religious, it will still be a very memorable experience. Genesis Boutique Travel offers both private and group tours to Mount Carmel for an affordable price, with transfers to and from anywhere in Israel. Contact us for more information.

Our Carmel tours give the visitors to the Holy Land an opportunity to discover one of the holiest locations in the history of religion, which is also sacred for the fourth Abrahamic religion: the Baha'i faith. The beautiful Baha'i gardens located on the side of Mount Carmel are a must-visit for all tourists coming to Haifa, and we will stop to discover them on our way back. For an ultimate Carmel experience, we recommend making a booking in advance.