Wine Tours Israel

Like most countries of the Mediterranean, Israel has a thriving wine industry. The reputation of Israeli wines stems from Biblical times, and wine has a special role in Christian and Jewish traditions alike. The center of the Israeli wine industry is in the Northern District, in the Galilee and Carmel regions, which have a more mild and humid climate as opposed to the arid center and the deserts of the south. Genesis Boutique Travel offers wine tours Israel, catered for wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Carmel Winery Tours depart from Tel Aviv on a daily basis, and departure from other cities is available upon request.

What will I see?

Early in the morning, we will depart from Tel Aviv. Our first stop will be at Tulip Winery: one of the best and most famous boutique wineries of Israel. The winery is located in the "Village of Hope", a community for people with special needs who also work on the winery. Then we will drive to Zichron Yaacov town located on the slope of Mount Carmel, which is home for the famous Carmel Winery: the largest winery of Israel founded by Edmond James de Rothschild in 1882.

From there we will proceed to the Somek Winery: a family business run by a fifth-generation winemaker, where wines are hand-made with ancient technology. We will meet the winemaker and taste 3-4 wines. After strolling the beautiful promenade of Zichron Yaacov and having our dinner, we will visit Ramat HaNadiv: the Rothschild Estate Botanical Gardens. Our final destination will be Makura organic farm located in Kerem Maharal moshav and the Amphorae Winery: one of the most beautiful wineries in Israel, built by an Italian architect, and where the world-famous winemaker Michael Rolland works. We will return to Tel Aviv at approximately 5 PM.

Wine tours Israel might sound unusual, but it is such unusual itineraries that leave the most unique memories. Even if you cannot consider yourself a wine aficionado, it would still be a very interesting experience to discover the thousand-years-old wine industry of the Holy Land, an industry so noble that it, effectively, became one of the foundations of Judaism and Christianity, as both religions pay special attention to wine. To book one of our wine tours Israel now, please contact us.

It is hard to overestimate the role that wine played in the development of the Judeo-Christian tradition. The Holy Land has alcoholic traditions dating back thousands of years, and wine is probably one of its most traditional products, so a wine tour to Israel offers an opportunity to explore the history of this region from an unusual angle. Please bear in mind that wine tours are available on-demand, so it is recommended to inquire in advance.