Carmel Winery Tours

Who does not like wine? We sure do! Wine is very important for the Israeli culture, as Jesus could probably attest. In Judaism and in Christianity, vino is an important element of the religious tradition, but we can assure you that secular Israelis love it just as much. Not only Israelis though, and this is perhaps why our Carmel winery tours are so popular. But even if you are not a wine aficionado, we very much recommend our wine tours which will help you discover this important aspect of Israeli heritage.

Why Carmel?

The Carmel Region not only has enormous religious and historical significance, but it is historically the center of the Israeli wine industry. Our Carmel winery tours usually start from Tel Aviv, though any Israeli city is possible; during the tour, you will visit a number of wineries, and of course, the best part will be there: the dégustation of beautiful Israeli wines. Even if you have not been a wine enthusiast before, we suggest that give it a shot (or a glass).

Our Carmel vineyard tours also include a variety of other activities, such as meeting the wine-makers, wine experts, touring the vineyards. Have you ever wondered, why is it wine — not some other alcoholic beverage — that played such an instrumental role in the foundation of our society, traditions, and religion? Perhaps you may find an answer to this after going on our vino tour. And if you want something totally custom-made, as usual, all you need to do is contact us. Maybe you want to depart from a city other than Tel Aviv? Or maybe you have a specific winery in mind that you would like to visit? Genesis Boutique Travel strives to make even the most unusual tourist requests come into reality.

It was no accident that Jesus celebrated the first Eucharist with alcohol, rather than some other beverage: for thousands of years, people regarded wine as a special kind of liquid, and its significance for Christianity and Judaism did not come out of nowhere. To learn more about spirit, its history, and how it is made, we invite you to our Carmel Winery Tours. Book your tour now to not miss the opportunity to learn more about the ancient, yet forever young, world of booze.

What is alcohol for you? A hobby, a full-time occupation, or maybe your first and only love? Regardless of what is your status with regards to it, a visit to one of the world's oldest and most significant alcoholic regions is something not to be missed. Jesus, who famously revolutionized the wine industry by turning water into a delicious beverage, would certainly approve — so wait no more and book your Israel Carmel Winery tour today!

Israel might be not the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine a world-class wine destination, but make no mistake, the wineries of the Jewish state can and do compete with the best bodegas of Spain, Italy, or France. But of course, it is better to see once than to hear a million times, and in the case of wine, to drink once than to hear a million times. The best wineries of Israel are waiting for you!