Visit Petra

Petra is a must-go for any tourist coming to Jordan and is undoubtedly the most well-known tourist attraction of this country, featured in numerous movies, computer games, and books. Tourists who are vacationing in Israel also often want to visit Petra, which becomes possible thanks to the relative geographical proximity and the stable relations between Israel and Jordan which allow for border crossing. Nonetheless, to visit Petra on your own may still be problematic as it is not possible to go to Jordan on a car that you rented in Israel, nor as there any international bus lines. At Genesis Boutique Travel we are here to offer you combined Israel and Jordan tours as well as Petra tours, which is the easiest and the most convenient way of going to Petra from Israel.

Which tour to choose?

The pearl in our collection is the 12-Day Luxury Tour, where days 7 to 9 are reserved for Jordan. Together with our professional guides, you will tour Petra, spend a night with candles there, while the next day we will have a Wadi Rum tour with jeeps and dinner at Wadi Rum Luxury Camp. On Day 9, before heading back to Israel, we will have a short tour of Amman.

As an alternative, you may book a standalone Petra tour with transfer: we will pick you up from your hotel anywhere in Israel (Jerusalem or Eilat make the most sense logistically) and help you with the border formalities. We recommend at least one overnight in Petra, as otherwise, the tour may become too exhausting. The next day, depending on your preferences, we will arrange a transfer back to Israel or further to Jordan. Contact us now to learn more about how to visit Petra and to make a booking in advance.

Petra is one of the most iconic tourist attractions on Earth, alongside the Pyramides, the Parthenon, or the Vatican. Yet, unlike all these places, Petra is considerably harder to reach for a traveler from Europe or America, due to the relatively short number of flights to Amman, the capital of Jordan, and the geographical remoteness of Petra from the capital. Fortunately, Genesis Boutique Travel has a perfect solution to this problem, as our Petra tours are the easiest, most comfortable, and one of the cheapest ways to visit Petra.

Are you already in Israel? It means that Petra is just several hours away from you. Wouldn't it be unfortunate to miss an opportunity to see it? Genesis Boutique Travel offers regular tours to Petra from all major Israeli tourist cities, and transfers from more remote locations are available upon request. A tour with our company is the most convenient option to visit this iconic location that has remained almost unchanged for thousands of years.