Israel Jordan Tours

Israel and Jordan are both Middle Eastern countries bordering each other. A flight from Tel Aviv to Amman, the capital of Jordan, takes only 40 minutes, and the distance from Jerusalem to the Jordan border is only 20 miles. It is, therefore, no wonder that combined Israel Jordan tours are very popular among tourists, and Genesis Boutique Travel has been offering itineraries including both countries for two decades.

How to go? What to see?

Even though there is no requirement to go to Jordan on an organized tour, we strongly advise against independent travel. Border crossing from Israel to Jordan and back is not Schengen-like: there is a proper passport and customs control. Because there are no international buses coming from or to Israel, backpacking to Jordan would require hopping on a bus to the border, crossing it by foot, and then taking a Jordan bus. The schedule is not always convenient, so the trip may take several extra hours due to waiting, and there may simply be no direct buses from the border to the location in Jordan you want to go to. Unfortunately, car rental is a non-option either, as it is not possible to cross the border on a rented car.

Genesis Boutique Travel strives to make the border crossing as hassle-free for the tourist as possible. While you would still need to change buses at the border, there will not be any interim stops and our professional guides will accompany you straight to the location you need. Border guards are also much less suspicious about tourists traveling in groups, rather than on their own. Perhaps you are in Eilat and would like to go to Petra? Our Israel Jordan tours are the perfect solution: contact us now to learn about the available destinations and book your tour.

With many years of experience in Israel Jordan tours, we are providing excellent service to our clients touring both countries with our company. Genesis Boutique Travel is committing to prioritizing the wishes and preferences of the customer and our TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is testimony to the superior quality of our tourist products. Relax and enjoy your holiday to Israel and Jordan while all the formalities of the trip are taken care of by professionals.

Israel and Jordan are two neighboring and relatively small countries, which is very advantageous for the tourists as it enables to include both countries in the same tour without plane rides. The geographical proximity saves both time and money, and we highly recommend taking advantage of it if you are considering going to Israel. Depending on your preferences, you may choose from our large Israel Jordan tours, or book a separate tour to Jordan from Israel.