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Trip to Petra

Petra, the iconic ancient city in Jordan, is one of the most well-known archaeological sights. Indiana Jones fans remember it as the shrine of the Holy Grail, but while we cannot attest whether the Grail is actually there, this pearl of the Middle East which survived thousands of years with barely any changes is certainly worth a visit. Going on a trip to Petra is especially popular among tourists visiting Israel, thanks to the geographical proximity of the two countries. Genesis Boutique Travel specializes in combined Israel and Jordan tours and booking a Petra tour with us is the easiest way to visit this iconic location.

Why go on a tour?

Israel and Jordan border each other, and with Jerusalem being only 30 km (20 miles) away from the border, it is understandable why tourists sometimes want to go on their own. However, political aspects make it problematic: there are no buses from Israel to Jordan and vice versa, nor is it possible to go to Jordan on a car that you rented in Israel. An alternative is flying from Tel Aviv to Amman and back, but the total cost of such a journey will exceed the cost of a tour by a lot, and you still would have to commute somehow from the airport to Petra.

A trip to Petra has never been easier with a guided tour by Genesis Boutique Travel. Our comfortable vehicle will pick you up from anywhere in Israel, we will help you with the border crossing and customs formalities (officers are much less willing to stop a tourist group for long than an individual traveler), and a professional and licensed guide will accompany you at all times during the entire journey. Please contact us to book your trip to Petra now.

Petra, this pearl of the Middle East, is not always easily accessible if you live in a Western country, as the number of direct flights to Jordan is limited and the site is quite far away from the Amman Airport. With Genesis Boutique Travel, going to Petra has never been easier, regardless of where in Israel are you staying. Don't miss the opportunity to discover one of the most iconic locations on Earth hassle-free and for an affordable price.

If you have always wanted to visit Petra, this iconic Middle East location, without spending a fortune on transport, you have come to the right place. Our combined Israel and Jordan tours offer an opportunity to see two countries in one holiday, and if you want to go even further, we have Israel + Jordan + Egypt tours, too. All in all, these tours are an amazing opportunity to expand your holiday a bit and see places that are not always easily accessible.