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Petra Travel

Located in Southern Jordan not far from the border with Israel, Petra is a popular tourist destination. The city which is now one of the most famous archaeological attractions on earth was built by the Nabateans in pre-Roman times, and its churches and buildings built within rocks cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. However, despite its popularity, Petra is not an easily accessible destination for individual tourists, which is why our company offers Petra travel itineraries for tourists who want to experience this magical city in a hassle-free mode.

Why go with Genesis Boutique Travel

Crossing from Israel to Jordan can be bothersome. Unlike Europe, where national borders are barely noticeable, Israel and Jordan exercise full passport and customs control and therefore border crossing takes much more time. In addition, it is not possible to cross the border on a rented car, and crossing on a private car, while possible, requires changing license plates. There are no buses from Israel to Jordan either, let alone from Israel straight to Petra. As a result, Petra travel becomes a cumbersome process for independent travelers, and one that is likely to take much more time — and money — than going with a travel operator.

Genesis Boutique Travel is an Israeli tour operator with decades of experience; our service includes Petra travel itineraries, as well as combined Israel Jordan tours and tours that include other prominent Jordan landmarks, such as Wadi Rum or Amman. We also offer Eilat to Petra transfers for those who are interested, as well as Petra tours starting from Jerusalem or other Israeli cities. We use only comfortable vehicles, equipped with an air conditioner, and all our itineraries are accompanied by experienced guides, licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. To learn more about Petra travel with our company, hit the contact us page.

If you dreamed of visiting Petra, it has never been easier than now, with Genesis Boutique Travel: our comfortable vehicle will pick you up from anywhere in Israel, we will assist you with the border crossing and deliver straight to Petra. If you are interested in Petra travel, our tours offer a unique opportunity to discover this pearl of the Middle East without having to book an expensive and tiresome plane ride, and for a much more attractive price.

Come and visit Petra, one of the oldest cities of the world, which is just several hours away by bus from Jerusalem. Rather than booking an expensive and likely non-direct flight to Jordan, while you are in Israel it is possible to visit it for a good price and in a much more convenient way. Still got questions? Contact us, and our managers will be delighted to help you with your next Holy Land adventure.