Trip to Israel

At a certain point in their lives, many people consider going on a trip to Israel. The reasons can be many: some want to visit the holy places of their religion, as Israel is the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity and one of the holiest places in Islam. Some are history enthusiasts and are attracted by the rich cultural, historical, and archaeological heritage of this land. Some come for the spa and wellness resorts of the Dead Sea, while others prefer the Mediterranean Sea or the year-round Red Sea resort of Eilat. Finally, Israel is a major economic hub, and many visitors come on business trips.

What makes a trip to Israel good?

Like with any other trip, there are many aspects that matter. How do you plan to go — on your own or with a guide? Do you prefer a group tour or a private tour? Different options have their pros and cons, backpacking may give you more freedom but you will risk losing precious time on commuting from one location to another. On the other hand, with a guided tour, everything will be taken care of by professionals: you will not have to worry about not losing a bus, being on time for visiting a particular attraction before it closes, getting to the bus station, etc. Money-wise, guided tours are also often a better option, as tour companies like Genesis Boutique Travel partner with the largest hotel chains and are able to offer their clients competitive prices.

Our company offers both secular and religious groups which include different regions of Israel, can be combined with Israel and Jordan, and are themed differently. To learn more about the available options, request a quote, or make a booking, please contact us by email, phone, or by willing in the contact form on our website.

How do you imagine your perfect trip to Israel? Would you prefer to go on a religious pilgrimage to Jerusalem, to enjoy the clubs of sunny Tel Aviv, or maybe to reconnect with your Jewish heritage and go to the heartland of Israel, Judea and Samaria? With Genesis Boutique Travel you don't have to choose: it is very much possible to discover all that in a single itinerary. If you want a totally custom trip to Israel, we will be delighted to arrange it for you too.

A trip to Israel offers an opportunity to discover one of the most ancient cultures on Earth, and one that still exists to this day speaking the same language, dwelling in the same cities, and praying to the same God. Our company, Genesis Boutique Travel, has been welcoming foreign tourists to Israel for more than two decades, and we know how to make your tour truly enjoyable and memorable. Please contact us for more details.