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Travel to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is often incorrectly called the capital of Israel, but while the political capital is Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is undoubtedly the financial and cultural center of the country. Together with its ring neighborhoods, Tel Aviv comprises the agglomeration of Gush Dan — home for 45% of the Israeli population. Tourists primarily travel to Tel Aviv for its beaches, ranked some of the best on the Mediterranean, and night clubs. However, Tel Aviv is also no stranger to architecture, and connoisseurs know it as the capital of Bauhaus style, which got Tel Aviv designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What to See & How to Get?

Nearly all foreigners travel to Tel Aviv via Ben-Gurion International Airport. Despite a popular misconception, it is located not in Tel Aviv but in Lod, a neighboring satellite city; however, it is connected to Tel Aviv by a high-speed rail, and the journey takes around 15 minutes. Within Tel Aviv, there is an extensive network of bus lines; however, the light rail is still under construction and the metro is only in plans, so commuting is affected by traffic jams. For tourists who are only in Israel for a short period of time, this may become problematic.

The easiest way to travel to Tel Aviv is to book a group tour: Genesis Boutique Travel has more than twenty years of arranging them. Our Tel Aviv tours include both day tours and larger itineraries, in which Tel Aviv is included, and depending on your needs and preferences we will be able to recommend a tour that fits you most. Alternatively, you may book a private tour, which will be fully customized and will include the locations of your preference. To learn more, please contact us at any of the venues listed on our website.

Tel Aviv has the reputation of being one of the most classy Mediterranean resorts, and its name is more than justified. To enjoy the most of it, we suggest that you go on one of our guided tours: our Tel Aviv Jaffa Port Tour is a good option, as is the Tel Aviv City Tour. If you want to discover other cities in and near the Gush Dan agglomeration, this is also entirely doable: contact us for more information and we will be happy to tailor a tour for you.

The city of Tel Aviv is a major cultural and economic hub, so it is no wonder that it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Whether you come to Tel Aviv for vacation or for an important business meeting, at Genesis Boutique Travel we know how to make sure that you enjoy the most of your tour, even if you come for a short period of time. Contact us for more details and to proceed with the booking.