Dead Sea Tour

The Dead Sea is one of the most unique locations on Earth. The lowest place in the world located 1,380 ft or 420m below sea level, its salty waters attract millions of tourists. The Dead Sea is known worldwide for its wellness resorts and spa, and if you want to go to the Dead Sea, Genesis Boutique Travel will be your reliable partner. One of the easiest ways to go to the Dead Sea is on our one-day Jerusalem & Dead Sea Tour, which gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in 3,000 years of Jewish history and in the Dead Sea waters in a single day.

Why go with us?

The northernmost shore of the Dead Sea is located only 30 miles from Jerusalem, but the worldwide-famous Dead Sea resort Ein Gedi is much further south. A bus from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv makes many stops en route, so the journey takes much longer, and its timetable might not always be convenient. By comparison, our bus with a licensed guide will pick you up at the hotel, and you will not have to worry about bus schedule.

A Dead Sea Tour is part of the majority of our large itineraries, such as the 9-Day Holy Land Tour or the Biblical Archaeology Tour. We also take pride in being able to customize the itinerary according to the client's preferences, and if needed may squeeze a Dead Sea Tour into the tight schedule of a businessman coming on a business trip to Israel. Our managers will take care of arranging a perfect private tour just for you, so contact us now and tell us your preferences and expectations: we will do the rest. Your trip to the Dead Sea is one click away, and we can't wait to see you in Israel.

Some people come to the Dead Sea for spa, some for medical reasons, some to enjoy the otherwordly landscape or to make cool Instagram photos. Regardless of what is your primary reason for visiting this unique place, Genesis Boutique Travel will offer you outstanding service and we will make sure that you return with memories that will last a lifetime. Please reach to us to learn more about our Dead Sea itineraries and booking details and preferences.

The waters of the Dead Sea are believed to make miracles and have a revitalizing effect that no other place on Earth matches. Why not experience it in person? Thanks to the established partnerships between Genesis Boutique Travel and the leading hotel chains of Israel, the rate could easily be much lower than what you are expecting, though booking in advance is recommended. Contact us now to learn more about the amazing Dead Sea opportunities.