Israel Vacation Package

Buying a tourist package has many advantages as compared to booking everything on your own. It saves you a lot of time, and often also money. Genesis Boutique Travel has been offering tourist packages for more than two decades, and if you are looking for an Israel vacation package we will be delighted to be your reliable partner during your trip to the Holy Land. On this page we will tell more about how to choose an Israel vacation package and which packages do we offer.

What to take into account

When you are looking for a tour, you will find an abundance of offers. The majority of them will be from reputable companies, but the probability of running into scammers will be far from zero. Sometimes pages that appear to be selling tourist packages are simply phishing websites collecting your credit card data; this is an extreme case, of course, but even if the website actually belongs to a tourist company, and even if it actually has a license, it still does not guarantee that your vacation will be enjoyable. Never forget to check the feedbacks: the verifiable ones, rather the ones that you see on the website. Verifiable feedbacks can be found on websites such as TripAdvisor, where Genesis Boutique Travel is ranked very high.

Our Holy Land tours are many: we offer Catholic tours, Eilat tours, Haifa tours, as well as Petra tours (for those who want to combine Israel and Jordan). We also organize day tours, for those who are short of time and want to see the most important landmarks. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our itineraries: we will be happy to help you choose a perfect Israel vacation package and welcome you to Israel on our tourist groups.

Choosing the Israel vacation package which is perfect for you might be not always easy due to the high number of offers on the market. Genesis Boutique Travel is a reliable tour operator with decades of experience and our tours are customizable according to the customer's preferences. Tailoring our itineraries for a client is our profession, but even if you prefer a standard tour, you can be assured of the highest standards of customer service during the entirety of your Holy Land vacation.

Buying an organized tour saves the tourist both time and money and is a great opportunity to explore the country if you do not want to settle everything on your own: something that even in countries with a developed transportation system and tourism industry, such as Israel, can often be a hassle. Our managers have decades working with guided tours and we will be delighted to count on you among our clients. Contact us now to explore our Israel packages.