Holy Land Tours

Millions of tourists from all over the world visit the Holy Land each year. Jews, Christians, and Muslims want to learn about the origins of the Abrahamic religions, others come for history or archaeology, some for Tel Aviv nightlife and beaches, some for wellness resorts of the Dead Sea, some for duty-free shopping in Eilat. Israel has something to offer to everyone! Genesis Boutique Travel has been offering Holy Land tours for over 25 years and we know what do tourists want and how to deliver it. We cover a variety of tours: Christian tours, wine tours, Jewish tours, cruise tours, and so much more.

How to choose a tour?

Before choosing how to tour Israel, you should take into account several factors. Will you be alone, with friends or with family? Or maybe you are coming as part of a Baptist group? Would you prefer an emphasis on religious heritage or on leisure? Of course, you may arrange it all by yourself, but planning a trip on your own takes a lot of time, and will not necessarily be cheaper than buying a tour: Genesis Boutique Travel partners with the majority of Israeli hotels, and we are able to offer very competitive prices to our clients.

Our Holy Land tours are many and were designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. A pearl in our collection is the 12-day luxury tour, with a hot air balloon and helicopter rides. It is also possible to get a totally custom tour of any duration and itinerary: for this, please contact us with a description of what would you like to see and when. We recommend booking tours in advance because prices usually go up with time. Please bear in mind also that hotels might be full during the Jewish high holidays and Christmas and Easter seasons.

Holy Land tours differ from other tours in that no other place played such an important role in the history of humanity as the Holy Land. The Holy Land might be, in fact, the oldest tourist destination on Earth, which exists since before the word "tourism" was even coined: Jewish pilgrimages to the Temple have existed since pre-Christian times. Offering Holy Land tours is a great responsibility, but one that our company happily takes, focusing on excellent customer service for all of our clients.

Visiting the Land of Creation is a unique experience, regardless of whether you are religious or not. We highly recommend embarking on this breathtaking journey with our experienced guides who know all the hidden secrets of this land and know how to accommodate everything even within a short tour. Contact us for more details to learn more about our Holy Land tours and to make a booking now: our managers will get back to you within a working day.