Explore Israel

Israel, the Land of Creation. Jews, Christians, and Muslims from all over the world come to Israel to learn about the origins of their faith and to pray, the nightlife of Tel Aviv, the spa and wellness resorts of the Dead Sea, the pristine beaches, and the world-renowned food never cease to attract tourists to this small, yet so large country. If you want to explore Israel, there are many ways available: you may come as a backpacker and arrange everything on your own, but if you want to save your time — and often money — we recommend that you entrust it to professionals.

Why tour with us?

Genesis Boutique Travel has established partnerships with the majority of Israeli hotels and hotel chains, which means that booking a hotel through us is often cheaper than doing it on your own. We work only with the best Israeli guides, licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, who speak all the major languages including Chinese, and rare languages are available on-demand. We have our own comfortable vehicles, for small and large groups alike. Genesis Boutique Travel has everything prepared for a smooth and hassle-free vacation in Israel for you, your family, friends or a church group.

Do you want to do a Bar Mitzvah in Israel? Maybe you are interested in Bible Tours? Are you a Catholic who wants to learn about Catholicism in Israel? Our company is an expert in unique itineraries, tailored to meet the highest expectations of the client, and if you are looking to explore Israel, by choosing Genesis Boutique Travel you may be sure that your holiday is in good hands. If you are looking for a day tour to Jerusalem or to Tel Aviv, we offer them, too. Contact us to learn more about our itineraries and what we have to offer.

Many tourist destinations rise into prominence and then go out of fashion. Israel has been a center of tourism since before tourism even existed, as Jerusalem emerged as a pilgrimage center thousands of years ago. For many generations, visiting the Holy Land was but a dream, and those who managed to accomplish it would spend months in a dangerous journey. Today Israel is one click away: all you need to do to explore Israel is contact Genesis Boutique Travel.

There are many ways to tour the Holy Land: in a group, on your own, in a totally private and custom itinerary. Which option to choose depends solely on you, but regardless of what do you prefer, if you choose our company you are guaranteed a wonderful and hassle-free experience throughout your entire trip to the Holy Land. Do you have some specific questions that you would like us to address? Contact us now and we will be delighted to help.