Day Trips Jerusalem

There is so much to see in Jerusalem that one could be touring it for a year, and still not see all the sights of the magical city. But what if you are short of time and only have a day? Genesis Boutique Travel has the perfect solution Day Trips Jerusalem. Our professional and licensed guides will show the most important Jerusalem attractions related to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam within the short available timeframe. If you are only in Jerusalem for a day, we strongly recommend booking a guided tour because otherwise you risk missing some important landmark.

What will I see?

This, of course, depends on which tour do you want to book. Our Day Trips Jerusalem are very variable: the Jerusalem Walking Tour is one of the most popular choices for tourists, focuses primarly on the Old City: together with our guide you will visit the Jewish Quarter, the Southern Wall Excavations, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Pools of Bethesda, the Arab Market and more. Our Jewish Heritage Tour of Jerusalem focuses on the religious significance of Jerusalem in Judaism and the role the city played in the foundation of the State of Israel. We will visit Mount Herzl, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, the Davidson Center, alongside the Kotel where we will join the Bar Mitzvah ceremonies, and the Tomb of King David.

Among our Day Trips Jerusalem, we also offer a combined Jerusalem and Bethlehem Tour, which includes the two most important cities of Christianity: Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, and Jerusalem, where he raised from the dead. In Bethlehem, we will see the Church of the Nativity and Manger Square. And if you have an idea for a totally custom tour, please contact us, and will make your dream come true.

Jerusalem influenced the history of humanity like no other place on earth did: its walls witnessed empires rising and crumbling, Jews, Christians, and Muslims fighting each other and living in peace, colonization, decolonization, wars, and peace. Today Jerusalem is only a click away from you: contact us to visit the city like no other, inquire about the day trips Jerusalem or the other itineraries that we offer to our clients touring with us in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt.

A city like Jerusalem has so much to see that ideally, you should adjust at least several days for visiting it, but if you are short of time and have just one day, there are still options to not miss its hidden gems. We strongly recommend going on a guided tour, such as the one offered by Genesis Boutique Travel, for an optimal and hassle-free travel experience that will be memorable and enjoyable. Maybe you have just one day, but a day in Jerusalem is worth a year elsewhere!