Bible Tours

Genesis Boutique Travel offers a huge variety of Bible tours, which are the primary specialization of our company. Throughout our more than two decades of experience, we have worked with numerous Christian groups, including Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox, and Jewish heritage groups. Our Baptist Tour is extremely popular among American Baptist congregations, while our Catholic Tour is very well-liked among Catholics. Take a look at our Christian Tours to take a look at what Genesis Boutique Travel may offer for your trip to the Holy Land.

Re-live the Bible with Genesis Boutique Travel

The guides on our Christian itineraries are not only licensed and experienced, but are Christians themselves: regardless of which of our Bible tours do you choose, you can be sure that not only will you experience the best tourism service, but will feel personally connected to the Land of the Bible where Jesus lived and preached. Depending on which denomination of Christianity you practice, we will tailor the itinerary to include the sites which are important for a specific branch of Christianity: for example, Catholics often want to visit the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery in Haifa, while Orthodox Christians often pay a visit to the Russian Compound in Jerusalem. Our itineraries are extremely variable, and customizing them according to the customer's requests is our profession.

Maybe you want a fully customized tour? Contact us and we will take care of that. You may take any of our Bible tours as an example, or simply tell us your ideas and we will make sure to make them come to life. Our Christian itineraries may also include prominent Christian sites in the neighboring Egypt and Jordan, such as the Saint Catherine's Monastery located on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, or the Byzantine Church located in Petra (Jordan).

The Bible has left an enormous impact on all the fields of human activity, and understanding the Bible is indispensable to understanding how the world works today. There is no better way to understand the Bible than by going to the land where it was written and where the events that it speaks about took place: the Land of Creation. Bible Tours by Genesis Boutique Travel combine religious significance with the highest standards of customer care and hospitality.

Visiting the Land of Creation is something that one needs to experience at least once in a lifetime, and partnering with an experienced travel operator, such as Genesis Boutique Travel, guarantees that your tour will be smooth and that everything will go according to plan. To learn more about our biblical itineraries, or to make a booking, please fill in the form on our website or contact us by e-mail or by phone. Our managers will be delighted to help you.

The Land of Israel is where the Bible comes alive, so our Bible tours give our tourists to travel two thousand years back in time. At Genesis Boutique Travel, we are proud to offer tours to what is possibly the single most important location on Earth, the land where the Judeo-Christian civilization was conceived, and with two decades of experience with tours to the Holy Land, we are proud to call ourselves one of the best touring companies in Israel.