Day Trips Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the financial and cultural capital of Israel, its nightlife, restaurants, and pristine beaches attract millions of tourists from all over the world. There is a lot to see in Tel Aviv, but what if you stay there only for a day? Our Day Trips Tel Aviv might be the solution you were looking for. Together with our licensed and professional guides, you will see the important sights of Tel Aviv in one day. We strongly recommend that you book a guided tour because otherwise, you may risk missing something notable.

What to see?

Our Day Trips Tel Aviv are variable. During the Tel Aviv Jaffa Port tour you will see the Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv, declared a World Heritage by UNESCO; the artistic neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, the Carmel Market, and of course, Old Jaffa: one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on Earth, the port that had played a crucial role in the development of trade routes, which is operating since Biblical times. We will also not miss the opportunity to check the Jaffa Flea Market.

As an alternative, during our Tel Aviv City Tour, you will see the modern Tel Aviv, its business center and skyscrapers, we will see the Rabin Square where Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin was assassinated. We will continue to Jaffa, believed to be inhabited for 8,000 years, go to Neve Tzedek and Nachalat Binyamin, a pedestrian street in the city center, and to Sheinkin Street know for its ambiance. The tour includes pick-up from your hotel in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Netanya, or Jerusalem. Please contact us if you would like a more complex itinerary, or maybe combine our Day Trips Tel Aviv with other itineraries that Genesis Boutique Travel offers to visitors touring the Holy Land.

Tel Aviv today is a vibrant metropolis, and while it does not have as much history as Jerusalem — though Jaffa, now part of Tel Aviv, is one of the oldest still operating ports in history — it is certainly worth a visit, especially if you are a fan of Bauhaus architecture, enjoy clubbing or want to spend time on some of the best beaches of the Mediterranean. Our Day Trips Tel Aviv give an opportunity to discover this city even if you are short of time.

A day trip to the financial and cultural center of Israel gives a good opportunity to discover this city even when you come only for a short visit and do not have time for a week or two-week tour. Call us or drop us an email to learn more about our tours, or to make a booking online and hassle-free and start scheduling your next Israel vacation now. Our managers are available at your service 24/7.