Israel Christian Tours

The Land of Israel is where Jesus was born, where he preached, where he did his miracles, where he was killed, and where he rose from the dead. It is therefore no wonder that millions of Christians from all over the globe come to Israel each year and even more dream of visiting the Holy Land. Genesis Boutique Travel is here to fulfill your dream: for more than 25 years we have been conducting Israel Christian tours for Christians of different denominations and for non-denominational Christians. On our Christian tours, we work only with Christian guides, to ensure that our customers not only enjoy outstanding customer service but also experience the religious significance of the land.

What to see

If you are coming to Israel for the first time and have not been closely studying this region before, you will be pleasantly surprised that the majority of the Biblical sights of the Holy Land still remain. While the Temple was obviously destroyed by the Romans, in Israel there is no shortage of places that stayed the same since the times of Jesus and before. To mention a few, the Garden of Gethsemane still stands in Jerusalem, the House of Simon the Tanner still stands in Jaffa, and even the Inn of the Good Samaritan — even though it was a parable still stands on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho.

Israel Christian tours by Genesis Boutique Travel are one of the best ways to go on a Christian pilgrimage. To learn more about our Bible tours, contact us now and our experienced managers will be happy to consult you and provide a perfect itinerary. Explore Israel with Genesis Boutique Travel: a reputable travel operator with decades of experience, a history of excellence, and an emphasis on sublime customer care.

Israel is the birthplace of Christianity: every square inch of this land remembers Jesus and his disciples. In Israel, like in no other place on Earth, you begin to feel that Christianity is not merely a set of doctrines and a book, but a living story developing around actual places a people. There is no better way to reconnect with the history of Christianity than by booking a tour with Genesis Boutique Travel and see the Bible come to life.

The history of Israel and of Christianity are forever intertwined: Israel is where Jesus, a Jewish man, preached to the people and found his first disciples. Centuries ago, most Christians could only dream of visiting the Holy Land: today it is just several hours away. Genesis Boutique Travel has been offering Israel Christian tours for two decades, and is one of the most reputable companies in the market of religious tourism in Israel. Want to book a tour now? Contact us for more details!