Israel Travel Packages

Choosing the travel package that is perfect for you can sometimes be tricky. There are many offers on the market, and it is not always clear which one is the best. Genesis Boutique Travel has been offering tours to Israel for more than two decades, and we are one of the most reputable companies represented on the market. Regardless of when, where, and for how long our customers come to Israel, they enjoy the highest standards of customer care and hospitality that our company is known for, so if you are searching for Israel travel packages, our website is not to be missed.

How to choose the right package

First of all, why are you looking for a tourist package? While the obvious answer is to save time and not have to deal with the hassle of booking hotels and tickets, our Israel travel packages have many more benefits. The majority of our packages are themed, i.e. dedicated to a specific topic or interest. The obvious examples of themed packages are our religious pilgrimages, such as the Catholic Holy Land tours, the Bar Mitzvah tours, the Muslim tours, etc. However, we also have a number of themed itineraries which are not religion-based, such as the Carmel wine tour, which is dedicated to the wine traditions of the Carmel region, or the Hiking in Israel tour. These are only some of our many Israel travel packages.

As you may see, the reasons to go on a tour package are many, and the packages themselves can be very variable. If you want to learn more about Israel travel packages, please contact us: organizing a perfect holiday for our clients is our profession, we will be delighted to help you find the tour which corresponds to your preferences and needs.

Our Israel travel packages "come in all shapes and sizes", and our decades of experience in the tourism industry allow us to find something for any customer and deliver a package that would fit in the desired budget and includes the customer's preferences. Buying a travel package saves you both time and money, as you do not have to overpay for booking the hotels individually and do not have to worry about commuting during your holiday.

Israel travel packages offer a convenient and economic way to tour Israel, without having to worry about commuting, lodging, and other perks of backpacking, but also for an affordable price. Genesis Boutique Travel offers tours for a very broad audience, from pilgrims looking for a unique spiritual experience, to families with kids and businessmen with a tight schedule. If you could not find the package that you need on our website, just contact us: other tours are available, too.