Hiking in Israel

Israel has a developed hiking industry and hiking in Israel is a very enjoyable experience. Our country has a variety of trails, catered to different categories of hikers. Genesis Boutique Travel has more than two decades of experience with hiking tours, and we are always happy to suggest the best hiking itinerary for our tourists, hook them up with the best guides, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and speaking your language, and guarantee online and phone support throughout the entire itinerary.

Where to hike?

One of the most popular itineraries for hiking in Israel is the surroundings of Ramon crater, Makhtesh Ramon, which is a unique natural reserve with breathtaking views over the Negev desert. Nubian ibex are known to live in the area and are easily approachable. We very much recommend Makhtesh Ramon for tourists coming to Israel, whether they come for a hike or pay a quick visit while en route to Eilat, the year-round Red Sea resort, and a tax-free zone. In the vicinity of Eilat, another popular hiking trail is located: the Red Canyon, which is easily accessible at 20 minutes drive from Eilat and is family-friendly.

Popular hiking destinations in the north of the country include Amud Stream Nature Reserve (Nahal Amud) located in the Galilee Mountains, which is characterized by opulent vegetation and forests and goes by a stream with chill water which is perfect for bathing after a hike. The geographic position of Nahal Amud allows the hikers to see both the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee. Hiking is a great way to explore Israel, and we will be delighted to guide you through your trip to the Holy Land. Please contact us for the available information and we will make sure to design a perfect hiking itinerary just for you.

Hiking in Israel is an enjoyable experience, but to make sure that everything goes according to plan and you do not have to waste precious time in Israel on getting to the starting point of the itinerary and returning to your hotel, we suggest that you book an organized hiking tour. Genesis Boutique Travel specializes in all kinds of tours, including hiking itineraries, and we make sure that our travelers only enjoy the best of the country, while we focus on more down-to-earth things.

Israel still remains an underrated hiking destination: everyone knows Jerusalem and its holy places, Tel Aviv and its sunny beaches, but not everyone heard of the Israeli hiking trails. The natural beauty of this country, which despite her small size is located in several climatic zones, is hard to match, so if you have not experienced it before, it is time to fix it. Contact us now to learn about the most popular trails for hiking in Israel.