Israel Sightseeing

When it comes to a particular region's impact on the world's history, very few places on Earth — if any — could compete with Israel. This is why millions of tourists come to Israel each year: we are not the only country on the Mediterranean, certainly not the only country with a warm climate, but we are the country where the history of the Abrahamic world started. Israel sightseeing tours are the specialization of Genesis Boutique Travel, and having worked in this field for decades, we know who are the best guides, we have established a partnership with the largest hotel networks, and we know what a perfect itinerary should look like.

Some of our itineraries

All the tours on our website are, in fact, sightseeing tours. However, to give you an idea about what do we do, we have selected our most popular ones. Our 8-Day Holy Land Tour gives an opportunity to discover the most important Christian sights of Israel for a very affordable price; a 9-day option also exists. For Muslims, we suggest taking a look at our Muslim Holy Land Tour which focuses on the significance of the Holy Land in Islam. We also offer Islamic pilgrimages.

If you are Jewish, take a look at our Jewish tours: the Heartland of Israel tour focuses on Judea and Samaria, and we also offer Bar Mitzvah tours for Jewish families who want to celebrate the maturity of their son in the land of their ancestors. And if you are short of time and only have a day or two, our day trips to Jerusalem or to Tel Aviv are the best way to discover these cities. Contact us for more details: we also have many other itineraries, but to fit them all on one page would be simply impossible.

As the heartland of the Judeo-Christian civilization, Israel is a must-see for every traveler. Israel sightseeing tours are popular among those who come to the Holy Land for the first time, but also among more experienced travelers who want to explore some of the hidden gems of this land: because there is so much to see, to fit it all in a single trip would be impossible. However, with our professional guides you will see the most important sights and attractions of Israel even if you are coming for a quick trip.

Israel is undoubtedly one of the best countries in the world for sightseeing, and not countries on Earth could match Israel's cultural heritage. Sightseeing is the main focus of our tours: on nearly all of them, all the excursions and visitations en route are already included in the price, which allows our tourists to save money as opposed to those who book each excursion individually, for a standard price. Contact us to learn more about our sightseeing tours.