Israel Itinerary

Genesis Boutique Travel offers a variety of tours to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, specially developed by us even for the most demanding customers. Depending on what are your preferences and expectations of your Israel trip, we may offer you a perfect Israel itinerary. If you are a Christian pilgrim, we suggest that you take a look at our Israel Christian tours: our company conducts tours for representatives of different Christian denominations, such as our Catholic tours, our Baptist tour, or our itineraries for Orthodox Christians. Regardless of which branch of Christianity you belong to, following the footsteps of Jesus is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the origins of your faith. For Jewish tourists, we strongly recommend our Jewish tours, and if your child will be celebrating Bar Mitzvah soon, it is a wonderful opportunity to take him to Israel. If you are a Muslim and want to learn more about the third holiest city of Islam, Al-Quds, we suggest taking a look at our Muslim tours.

Why choose us

Choosing a perfect Israel itinerary might be not always easy. Genesis Boutique Travel has been in the market for decades, and our experience allows us to offer our customers the perfect tour package. Going on an organized tour will save you from the hassle of booking public transport and entrance tickets, and thanks to the established partnership between Genesis Boutique Travel and the leading Israeli hotel networks, we are able to offer our customers a fairly competitive price.

To inquire about our tours or to make a booking, please contact us: our managers will be delighted to recommend you an Israel itinerary that corresponds to your preferences and preferred budget. Click here to learn more about Genesis Boutique Travel, and if you want to check the reviews of our customers, visit our TripAdvisor page.

Despite being a small country, Israel has many tourist attractions, and as a result, a booming tourist industry. Choosing a reliable travel partner for your Israel itinerary might not always be easy, yet this is what the quality of your holiday will depend on. As a reliable tour operator with decades of experience, fully bonded with the Israeli fully bonded with the Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association and as an overseas member of the American Society of Travel Advisors, Genesis Boutique Travel lives up to its reputation of delivering excellent customer service to all of our clients.

The itineraries offered by Genesis Boutique Travel are our own ones, developed in collaboration with the most experienced Holy Land guides to deliver you a perfect Holy Land experience. Our tours range from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim pilgrimages to fun family tours, and from luxury VIP tours to day tours. Are you looking for something unique, or do you represent a group of travelers who want a totally custom itinerary? No problem: contact us and our managers will do all the work.