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Walking Tours Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is often incorrectly called the capital of Israel, but while the official capital is Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is undoubtedly the financial and cultural center of the country. Founded in 1909 by Jewish immigrants, the Tel Aviv of today is a vibrant Mediterranean megapolis that attracts millions of tourists and together with its ring neighborhoods is home to 45% of the Israeli population. While Tel Aviv proper is a fairly new city, Jaffa, one of the oldest still active ports of the world, which is mentioned in the Bible, is located within its boundaries and is effectively the Old City of Tel Aviv. Walking Tours Tel Aviv include both Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

What will I see?

Our tour will start at Rothschild Boulevard, one of the oldest and most important streets of Tel Aviv named after Baron Edmond de Rothschild. One could say that the State of Israel began at Rothschild Boulevard, as the Israeli Declaration of Independence was signed in one of its buildings, known today as the Independence Hall. From there we will tour the so-called White City: Tel Aviv neighborhoods which make the world's largest collection of Bauhaus architecture designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our Walking Tours Tel Aviv will continue through the pedestrian street Nachalat Binyamin; then we will tour the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, which is one of the most upscale parts of the city, and visit the famous Carmel Market. From there we will be entering Jaffa, tour the Jaffa Flea Market and Old Jaffa. Our tours are provided in different languages and are conducted by professional guides, licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. To learn more about Walking Tours Tel Aviv or to make a booking, please contact us: we will reply to you at the earliest opportunity.

Walking Tours Tel Aviv allow you to discover the most prominent attractions of Tel Aviv with an experienced guide, which is important because not even an untrained local would usually know which places are the best to visit and in which order. From our experience, it is the optimal solution for travelers who value their time and money and do not want to miss something important. Do you prefer individual walking tours Tel Aviv? This is also easily doable.

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are the two most visited locations in Israel, and our walking tours in these cities are among our most popular itineraries. It is easy to get lost as a tourist in a megapolis like Tel Aviv, so our walking tour is a good opportunity to take it off your shoulders, especially if you are short of time and don't want to plan the itinerary on your own. Our walking tours Tel Aviv are conducted on a regular basis and individual tours are available, too.