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Petra Day Tours

Petra is a city in Jordan built by the Nabateans in pre-Roman times. Today, it is an important archaeological site and perhaps the most prominent tourist attraction of Jordan, attracting over a million tourists per year. There is a lot to see in Petra and if given a chance, you should stay there for more than a day, but for tourists who are short of time Genesis Boutique Travel offers a perfect solution: Petra day tours. Compared to going to Petra on your own, our day tours are the best solution for travelers who value time.

Why go on a day tour

Often tourists do not want to depend on travel agents and travel operators, and instead prefer to arrange everything on their own. While this desire is understandable, and indeed can often be the best option, especially when traveling in Europe, for travelers going to Jordan we do not recommend it, even though the distance from Jerusalem to the Jordan border is only 30 kilometers. Assuming that you are staying in Israel, to go to Petra on your own you would first have to get to the Damascus Gate bus station in Jerusalem, get a moniot sherut (shared taxi) to the border with Jordan, cross the border by foot, and then find a way to get from the border to Petra — not to mention the way back. Because vehicles are not allowed to cross the border, it is not possible to go to Petra on a car rented in Israel, nor are there any buses between Israel and Jordan.

Genesis Boutique Travel has been in the tourism market for more than twenty years, and our Petra day tours provide an opportunity to visit this important historical landmark hassle-free. Please contact us for more details and to book a tour.

Israel is a small country, and the advantage of being a small country is that distances are also small. Thanks to Israel's strategic location, it is possible to visit not one, but two or even three countries in a single vacation. Rather than specially buying a plane ticket and going to Jordan, you may visit Petra in our Petra Day Tours, which will save you time and money alike. Don't miss the opportunity to discover one of the pearls of the Middle East!

A day tour to Petra offers a great possibility of visiting one of the most iconic Middle East sights economically and without wasting too much time on unnecessary plane rides, often with stopovers. We very much recommend that you pay a visit to Petra during your Israel holiday, and if you wonder what is the best way to do it — contact us, and our managers will be delighted to help. Your Petra adventure starts now.