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Jerusalem to Petra

The geographical compactness of Israel is a huge upside for tourists: getting from one location to another takes much less time than in the majority of European countries, let alone in America. In fact, during winter it is entirely possible to start the morning skiing on Mount Hermon in the northernmost part of Israel and finish the day on the Red Sea beach in Eilat, and while we do not recommend going to such extremes, such a journey is entirely within the realm of possibility. It is, therefore, no wonder that combined Israel and Jordan tours are so popular among tourists.

How to go

When people want to go to Jordan, they usually think of Petra: an archaeological city built by the Nabateans, which is declared a UNESCO site and has temples that survived in remarkably good condition. The distance from Jerusalem to the border with Jordan is merely 30 km, but if you want to go from Jerusalem to Petra on your own, you probably will be disappointed. The border between the two countries is nothing like the borders within the Schengen zone and has a proper border and customs control. Complicating things even more, it is not possible to cross the border on a rented car, nor are there any direct buses between the two countries. Backpacking from Jerusalem to Petra, while not impossible, is a complicated and costly journey.

Fortunately, there is a convenient solution: Petra tours by Genesis Boutique Travel. Our comfortable vehicle and a professional guide will pick you up at your hotel in Israel, and while it will still be necessary to change vehicles on the national border, we undertake to make this process as smooth as possible. At the end of the itinerary, we will transfer you back to your hotel. Contact us to book a tour or arrange a Jerusalem to Petra transfer.

Going from Jerusalem to Petra allows you to see two of the most important sights of the Middle East in a single journey, which is a perfect opportunity if you come from a faraway country and want to make the most from your trip. Combined Israel and Jordan tours by Genesis Boutique Travel are the best and the easiest option to explore both countries for a good price and without wasting your precious time on interchanges and public transport.

Jerusalem and Petra, the two pearls of this region, are located relatively close to each other, and yet visiting them both on your own might be not the most convenient experience. To make it more pleasant, we suggest that you book one of our guided tours which include Israel and Jordan, which is the most convenient way of visiting those sights that played such an important role in the development of human civilization. Contact us to inquire about our combined Israel and Jordan tours.