Israel Day Tours

Are you already in Israel, or perhaps you are coming only for a short period of time? If so, we have the perfect solution to see as much of the Holy Land as possible while you are here: Israel day tours. Israel is a small country, and so even if you are short of time it is possible to view its most important sights in a day or two. Our day tours are especially convenient because you will not have to waste precious time waiting for a bus or train to arrive: we will pick you up right at your hotel. This way the journey will be much quicker than it could have been using public transport.

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One of our most popular destinations for Israel day tours is, undoubtedly, Jerusalem: the eternal capital of Israel is located in the center of the country, so regardless of where you are staying, getting to Jerusalem will not take much time. If you are already staying in Jerusalem, we recommend our Jerusalem Walking Tour: for an affordable price you will see the Southern Wall Excavations, the Jewish Quarter, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and much more with our licensed and professional guide.

Perhaps you would like to combine Israel and Palestine in a single day? No problem — our Jerusalem and Bethlehem Day Tour does precisely that, and whether you are staying in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Netanya, or Herzliya, within the same day you will see the city where Jesus was born and where he rose from the dead. Contact us now to learn more about our Israel day tours, or to make a booking. We offer tours in all languages, including rare ones: if you are coming as a group, it is better if you contact us in advance so we could make all the preparations in time.

Day tours are an easy and fun way to explore the city when you do not have much time and want to see most of it during a short stay. Genesis Boutique Travel has been conducting day tours for more than two decades, and we know precisely what do the tourists want to see: however, all our tours are easily customizable, and we will happily make changes to the tour according to your preferences.

Israel day tours by Genesis Boutique Travel give an opportunity to discover the most important sights of the Holy Land even when you are short of time and only have several spare hours. When going on your own, it may not always be obvious where to go first and what to see, and the precious time will be spent in vain; this is why we recommend our group tours accompanied by professional guides, with itineraries tailored specially for tight schedules.