Visit Capernaum

Capernaum, known in Hebrew as Kfar Nahum, was a village on the Sea of Galilee whose history is forever linked to the history of Christianity. Capernaum is mentioned multiple times in all the four Gospels, it was from Capernaum that Jesus conducted his Galilee ministry, and it was Capernaum where 5 out of 12 apostles lived. A number of Jesus's miracles took place in Capernaum, such as the healing of Peter's mother-in-law, of the paralytic, and of the servant of a Roman general. If you want to visit Capernaum, you may do so on one of our Christian tours, our day Galilee tour, or on a totally customized tour of your choice.

What to do?

Capernaum today is an archaeological site popular among pilgrims and tourists. It features the remains of the house of St. Peter, of a synagogue which is one of the oldest synagogues of the world, and of a town that dates back to the Roman and pre-Roman era. It is also near Capernaum that the famous Jesus boat is located in Yigal Allon Museum in Kibbutz Nof Ginnosar. This boat from the time of Jesus, discovered in 1986, is likely identical to those that Jesus used during his Galilee ministry. Our tourists who visit Capernaum usually visit the Yigal Allon Museum too.

The attractions of the Sea of Galilee are many: you will surely enjoy a relaxing boat ride and a dinner at St. Peter fish: type of Tilapia which lives in the Sea of Galilee and represents the traditional industry of this region for thousands of years. Would you like to not only visit Capernaum but stay on the Sea of Galilee for several days? No problem — comfortable hotels and kibbutzim in Tiberias and other Galilee towns are waiting for you. Contact us now to reserve your trip.

The Sea of Galilee is a unique region, which is forever imprinted in the history of Christianity, and its cities witnessed the events which have long since become legendary. Visiting Galilee and Capernaum is a wonderful opportunity for every Christian and history enthusiast who wants to learn more about how Christianity started, and fortunately for the tourists, much of this region still remains similar to how it looked in the times of Jesus. Join our tours, visit Capernaum and discover the history of Christianity with Genesis Boutique Travel.

The Galilee region is not your stereotypical Middle East: its green landscapes and splendid wineries could easily be mistaken for Italy or France. Yet, it is this region, like few other places on Earth, which forever shaped the history not just of the Middle East, but of the entire world, and it was in Galilee where Jesus lived and preached. Whether you are an observant Christian or a Bible enthusiast, or perhaps both, it is definitely worth a visit.

A Christian who visits the Holy Land for the first time will be positively surprised that the places mentioned in the Bible still exist and are very much available to see. In Israel, like in no other country on Earth, the pilgrim may see that the Bible is not merely a 2,000-year-old tale, but a living story. Capernaum is one of the thousands of sites that attest to it and continue attracting visitors to this day.