Tunnel Tour Jerusalem

The history of Jerusalem spans thousands of years, from the ancient Hebrews to the modern-day State of Israel. Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, the Crusaders, the Turks, and the British all left their impact on the city, and today it is riddled with tunnels large and small, ancient and modern. The visible part of the city is merely the tip of the iceberg, and it is hard to imagine the mysteries down the abysm when walking through the sun-drenched streets. A tunnel tour Jerusalem is certainly one of the most exotic ones out of those offered by Genesis Boutique Travel, and one that will leave memories lasting for years.

What will I see?

The Western Wall tunnels run hundreds of meters along the Western Wall and give tourists a unique opportunity to take a glance at ancient Jerusalem. Despite being thousands of years old, they were discovered by the British only in the 19 century, and proper excavation did not begin till after the Six Day War which saw all of Jerusalem unified as the indivisible capital of Israel. One of the tunnels' segment is believed to be the closest to where the Holy of Holies was located, and a small synagogue is built nearby.

The Siloam Tunnels, built by King Hezekiah, are another example of Jerusalem tunnels open to the public. As mentioned in the Bible, they were built to ensure continuous water supply to Jerusalemites when the city was under threat of invasion. A tunnel tour Jerusalem will be as memorable as it will be unusual, and we recommend booking it in advance. Genesis Boutique Travel works only with licensed Jerusalem guides who know everything about this magical city and will help you fully immerse in Biblical history. Contact us now to obtain more information and make a booking.

The Tunnel Tour Jerusalem gives an opportunity to explore this iconic city from an unusual perspective, as not all people know that Jerusalem goes deep down about as much as it goes up. Because the demand is high and the tunnels are not always open, we advise you to book your Tunnel tour Jerusalem through us via early booking, so to ensure that you do not miss this unique experience during your stay in Jerusalem. For more details regarding the Tunnel tour Jerusalem, please contact our managers.

The tunnels of Jerusalem are probably the most magical part of the city, where history still feels alive. You have come a long way to travel to Jerusalem — wouldn't it be unfortunate to miss seeing them with your own eyes? The tunnels are not always readily accessible, so it is much better to inquire about visiting beforehand. Please contact us to learn more about our Tunnel Tour Jerusalem and inquire about the available dates of visiting.