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Trip to Israel cost

How much does a trip to Israel cost? The answer can be tricky and depends on a number of factors. Without a doubt, Israel is not a cheap country and is not the most economic destination for tourists coming from abroad, but this does not mean that touring Israel is bound to be unnecessarily expensive. At Genesis Boutique Travel, we want you not only to come to Israel, but also to return in the future, and many of our tourists are in fact regular clients, so we are as interested in helping you save money as you are.

How to save money in Israel?

One of the defining factors of how much will your trip to Israel cost is timing: during the high season, which in Israel means primarily the Jewish high holidays (falling on September-October), as well as during Christmas, Easter, and Passover, hotel prices may rise several times as opposed to low season. The cost will also be affected by how you want to tour: in an organized tour or on your own? Though sleeping in a hostel is always going to be cheaper than in a 5-star hotel, as a touring company we have established partnerships with the largest hotel chains and individual hotels of Israel and Palestine, and the price that we offer our clients is much lower than what you may book online.

Genesis Boutique Travel offers itineraries for any budget: from economic ones to luxury. We will be delighted to assist you with our years of experience in choosing a tour that suits your preferences: if you need advice on when is it better to come, a general query, or if you already know it all and want to make a booking contact us by email, phone or by filling in the contact form.

To make a clear calculation of how much will your trip to Israel cost, we suggest that you decide on which cities would you like to visit, when, and which hotel category will you settle for. But there is also a much easier option, which would save you time: contact Genesis Boutique Travel, with no obligations, and our managers will be happy to give you a quote for your dream tour of the Holy Land.

People often believe that visiting Israel is going to be very expensive, but while Israel is certainly not the cheapest country on Earth, tours to Israel do not have to cost a fortune. Genesis Boutique Travel offers a variety of economic itineraries, and if you come to Israel during the low season, the tour will be even more economic. Our low-cost tour is a good example of an economic itinerary that nonetheless provides excellent service and includes all the most important Israeli sights.