100% Pure Tahini Sesame Seed Paste "Al Jamal" Brand All Natural Kosher Traditional Middle Eastern Taste Delicious Made from Freshly Ground Raw Sesame Seeds ONLY- 17.6oz/500gr

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$ 20,00

Tahini is a popular Israeli and Arab condiment made from hulled sesame. Al Jamal Tahini is simple and pure. This high-quality tahini is produced by taking sesame seeds and grounding them up to produce a delicious sesame paste. It is super-healthy and a staple in the Mediterranean diet and cuisine.

The company was founded in 1921 as a small family business in Israel. Similar to hummus in consistency and color, Tahini is often served together with hummus as a dip for pita or vegetables. In fact, tahini is also a key ingredient in hummus itself, infusing its flavor with a distinct hint of earthy grain. Karawan tahini has no preservatives, additives, or food coloring. But still, the product has a shelf life of an entire year, no refrigeration required!

Rather than buying store-bought tahini, you can keep a container of Al Jamal in the kitchen cabinet, and use it every time you want to make a batch of delicious, homemade tahini.

*To make the perfect tahini dip: add garlic, lemon, olive oil, and water to Al Jamal tahini paste to get your desired taste. Then try it as a salad dressing, drizzled over vegetables and meats, spread it onto bread or toast, or simply serve as a dip.

Al Jamal Tahini is the ideal snack for all lovers of Middle Eastern flavor.