Israel Travel Guide

The role of a travel guide is very important in tourism. To a large degree, it defines which impressions will the tourist have of his vacation. Genesis Boutique Travel takes the matter of travel guides very seriously, we work only with licensed, professional, and carefully selected guides, to make sure that our tourists enjoy the highest standards of service. Regardless of which tour you choose, you can be sure that your Israel travel guide will be an experienced professional who knows everything about your itinerary.

How we choose our guides

Every tourist guide in Israel must be licensed by the Ministry of Tourism. The requirements of the Ministry are already quite strict; however, at Genesis Boutique Travel we do not limit ourselves to just that. What we also make sure that the guide is qualified for a particular itinerary. For example, our Christian Israel tours are guided by Christians, and if the tour is designed for a specific denomination of Christianity — for example, our Catholic tours
— the guide will also represent this denomination, so to ensure the religious significance of the tour. Likewise, the guide on a Bar Mitzvah tour will be Jewish, while the Muslim tours are guided by Muslims.

Sometimes people ask us, why do I need a guide? This question is understandable, and especially so in the age of the internet, when it may seem that all the information is already available online. However, if you want to truly discover the country you are visiting, to do so without a professional might be hard. Not even locals, unless they are specially trained, know all the secrets of their region. This is why getting an Israel travel guide is the best solution if you are truly curious about Israel, and there is so much to see in this country that you will not be disappointed by your choice.

An experienced Israel travel guide knows everything about the city he guides through: not only the history of the landmarks but also stories that tourists would otherwise never find out. Genesis Boutique Travel is very serious about the selection process, and if you book a guided tour with us, you can be sure that you will not be disappointed. Depending on the customer's preferences, we may arrange a general guided tour, a pilgrimage, or a VIP itinerary where you will decide on the pace and locations of the tour.

Genesis Boutique Travel works only with the best travel guides of Israel: we understand the importance of a guide and take this matter very seriously. Do you have preferences for a particular itinerary? We will make sure to find a perfect guide exactly for that itinerary, depending on whether it is a Christian pilgrimage, a Jewish heritage tour, a VIP tour, or perhaps something else. Are looking for a guide who speaks a rare language? Not a problem: just contact us in advance.