Israel Cruises

If you are coming on a cruise tour of the Mediterranean, Israel is not to be missed: the rich history of the Holy Land will make it a pearl in your collection of countries visited, and because Israel is a relatively small country, even during a short cruise stopover it is possible to visit its most important landmarks. Cruises are one of the specializations of Genesis Boutique Travel: our representative is already on the pier when a cruise ship arrives, and we will be happy to be your reliable partner during your visit to the Holy Land.

Why go with us

Before your ship docks in Ashdod or in Haifa — one of the two Israeli ports where cruise ships arrive — the cruise company will undoubtedly already offer you some tours. However, you should keep in mind that the rates of Genesis Boutique Travel are much lower than what you may book on a ship. If you want to save money and go on your own, we advise against it: though backpacking can be fun when you are not pushed to depart at a given time, during the short time that you are in Israel you do not want things to go wrong. Bus and train schedules can be inconvenient, and what you save in money you may easily lose in time and lost nerves, trying to make sure that you return to the ship on time.

Our licensed guides will accompany you from the moment you set foot on Israeli soil and till the end of the itinerary, rather than relying on public transport, you will travel on our comfortable vehicles, fitted with WiFi and air condition. To book one of our Israel Cruises now, contact us: regardless of when does your ship arrive and where to, outstanding customer service will be provided.

Cruise tours give tourists an amazing opportunity to see many countries and cities in a single itinerary, without having to go on a separate trip. Thanks to the geographical proximity of the major Israeli cities, even a quick visit will give you memories that will last forever. Our guides are trained to provide extensive, yet succinct information, and with a vehicle picking you up at the port you will not have to worry about going on time.

Why not go on a cruise to the Holy Land? What may seem like not the most obvious idea could become a wonderful and unique experience that will give you memories lasting a lifetime. However, to ensure that everything goes smoothly, we strongly recommend choosing a guided tour, so you don't have to worry about potentially missing the ship and enjoy the sights and sceneries of Israel. Contact us for more details regarding Israel cruises.