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Cheap Trips to Israel

It is no secret that Israel is not a cheap country. But does it mean that touring Israel also has to be expensive? If you are looking for cheap trips to Israel, there are several tips to bear in mind that could save you some money. Genesis Boutique Travel has an established partnership with the majority of Israeli hotels, which allows us to offer our clients more competitive prices than our competitors.

How to save money?

First of all, book in advance. The fewer days remain before the start of the journey — the more likely the hotels are to have sold out the rooms, which of course affects the price significantly. We recommend that you contact us several months before your holiday because while last'minute offers are a reality, you never know whether you will like the available options and there will be no time left for booking anything else. On the other hand, if we start preparing your trip in advance, the pool of available hotels will be larger and we will be able to advise you which dates it is better to choose.

If you are looking for cheap trips to Israel, dates are indeed very important. People who come to Israel love our seas and beaches, but the majority come because of the religious significance of this land. During the Jewish high holidays, which usually fall in September-October, all the hotels are stuffed to the brim and prices are 3-5 times higher than what you may get during the low season. The same is also true for Christian holidays, most importantly Christmas and Easter. Our 9-Day Holy Land Tour is a good opportunity to see Israel for a competitive price, and our Day Tours are a good option for those who do not need a multi-day itinerary.

The possibility to book cheap trips to Israel depends on a number of factors, and while the season is important, it is only one of them. It might be tempting to book everything on your own, but this does not always guarantee that it will be cheaper than booking an organized tour. Genesis Boutique Travel offers a variety of itineraries that come for different budgets and we will be delighted to help you choose the one that fits you most.

Like with any other country, it is possible to save money in Israel and not spend too much if you know how to do it. Organized tours often result cheaper than traveling on your own, and as an established company, we are able to offer special rates to our clients, which are not available for those booking independently. Contact us for a quote and we will calculate a perfect itinerary for you: without any obligations and taking into account you preferences for a trip.